The Leader of the Future® Asia Pacific

Program Details

Title The Leader of the Future® Asia Pacific

Type: Four 4-day Virtual/Residential Workshops + Project Work

Location: Australia: Varies by Session

Date: 2021 Dates TBD

Download: The Leader of the Future Brochure Asia-Pacific

Make a decisive impact in your organization

The Leader of the Future® challenges participants to commit to deliver extraordinary results in the context of their current work and accountabilities. As part of the program, participants develop and deliver a breakthrough project. This enables them to put their learning to practice in a live environment in an area critical to their accountabilities. Participants deliver results that represent a 4 to 10 times return on their investment of time and program fees.

A recent survey of over 2,000 participants showed that more than 60% of the graduates of program reported generating over $2 million in value for their organisations from these projects.

This combination of performance principles and application helps participants develop new capabilities that not only lead to dramatic, sustainable results, but also create new possibilities for the future of their organisation.

Participants in JMW programs this year and last made a stunning commitment to results by creating additional value of approximately $2 billion, ranging from $5 million to $50 million per person."

Global Energy Company. Group VP, HR


Executives and senior-level managers who are key to the future of their organisations. This includes those already accountable for generating new levels of performance and results, as well as candidates for the next generation of senior leadership.


  • See new possibilities within yourself and others not previously recognised
  • Commit to extraordinary objectives, even when the path to delivery is unclear
  • Produce unprecedented results individually and through others
  • See new possibilities within yourself and others not previously recognised
  • Directly affect and dramatically improve performance throughout the organisation—with measurable and sustainable results
  • Identify and resolve personnel/team issues that previously seemed immovable
  • Engage people effectively and mobilise them to act
  • Anticipate, communicate and resolve problems and setbacks
  • Develop and maintain an environment of open communication and constructive dialogue
  • Take effective action in the face of uncertain circumstances

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