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“JMW’s The Leader of the Future® program brought forth an expansive and empowered mindset that I didn’t know I had, and as a result helped break the self-imposed shackles of impossibility… an outcome that I think all businesses would benefit from as we recalibrate to the new normal of this COVID era.”

-Philip Julien, Managing Director, NewGen Energy Limited

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Leadership Development

JMW’s transformational leadership programs are designed to develop and equip leaders at all levels with the leadership capabilities they need to fulfill on what is most important to them and their organizations, including, but not limited to:

  • Quickly stepping up into expanded roles and responsibilities
  • Owning their role in creating and fulfilling the organization’s future
  • Engaging teams to target and deliver high performance in the face of complexity, uncertainty, and rapid change
  • Creating and leading by example a culture of accountability and high performance by example
  • Collaborating effectively both internally across functions and divisions and with clients, partners, and other key stakeholders
  • Leading through influence, authenticity, and personal responsibility

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Our Capabilities

Executive Coaching

JMW’s high-performance coaching service equips leaders at all levels with new perspectives, approaches, and skills that significantly increase their day-to-day performance. Whatever your goals, JMW will customize a coaching program that will both address your real-time issues and have a lasting impact on your overall effectiveness.

Our Approach To High-Performance Executive Coaching

  1. Identify your goals: We will work with you to identify your leadership goals, including, but not limited to, elevating capabilities, succession readiness, altering a particular leadership style, transcending current limitations, bringing your team together, or a specific project.
  2. Build capability in real-time: You bring what you’re dealing with and working on to coaching calls, and we provide the applicable models and skills to elevate your capability in being effective in any circumstance.
  3. Find your purpose: We support you in getting in touch with, articulating, and ultimately leading from your unique purpose as a leader, allowing you to transcend the limits of your default leadership styles and lead authentically and purposefully.
  4. Produce results: We help you target specific results you want to produce and take concrete, committed steps toward achieving those.
Our Capabilities

The Leader of the Future®

Producing marked shifts in leadership capability and presence to dramatically and measurably improved performance, JMW’s groundbreaking transformational executive leadership development program The Leader of the Future® has been described by many participants as “career-changing and life-changing” and one of the most valuable and lasting learning experiences of their careers.

Our Approach to Leadership Development

  1. Define leadership: We develop leaders in seeing leadership as “causing what isn’t” (i.e., making something happen that wasn’t going to happen anyway), as opposed to “managing what is.”
  2. Understand and work with the impact of context: People’s mindset, or context, shapes their actions; in our development programs, leaders learn to uncover their own hidden limiting mindsets, create new ones, and do the same with others to unleash performance.
  3. Use the power of language to produce results: We develop leaders in elevating their capabilities both in listening and speaking more effectively in order to galvanize true engagement and action across their organizations to produce results.
  4. Confront limits: Through JMW’s leadership development programs, leaders confront the limits of their current capabilities and leadership styles and then develop the mindsets and skills necessary to surpass those limits.
  5. Deliver a “breakthrough project”: Every participant in our programs creates, commits to, and delivers a “breakthrough project” that enables them to learn in action and bring quantifiable growth to their organization.

The Leader of the Future Program Overview

  1. Generating the extraordinary: JMW’s Leader of the Future® program begins in Session 1 by helping participants explore how to generate exceptional performance both from themselves and others within their organization.
  2. Operating effectively: Session 2 focuses on increasing your comfort with confronting and resolving issues that limited past performance.
  3. Transcending limits: In Session 3, participants create new pathways for breakthrough results by learning how to transform their leadership limitations.
  4. Leading from the future: In order to maximize our participants’ organizational impact, we facilitate development in how to enroll others in new possibilities.

Details, dates, and locations for upcoming open programs:

2021 North American Program Schedule

2021 Asia-Pacific Program Schedule


Emerging Leaders™

Designed for early- and mid-career professionals, including current managers looking to reach the next level and high-potential or new/emerging leaders, the Emerging Leaders™ program is an opportunity for participants to gain the critical leadership skills that allow them to grow in their current and future roles and broaden the decisive impact they are able to make in their organizations.

Emerging Leaders™ Program Overview

  1. Mindsets that matter: Laying the foundation for both the program and for a lifetime of leadership, Module 1 covers the critical mindsets that can either hinder or help leaders.
  2. Effective communication: Module 2 covers the essential tools new managers need in order to create an environment of high performance and accountability, whether they lead teams, work within them, or both.
  3. Conversations that impact performance: From “difficult” conversations to engaging others effectively, Module 3 builds the skills needed to have impactful conversations that make a difference for performance.
  4. Transcending leadership limits: Module 4 has leaders confront both lingering counterproductive behaviors and the limits of their current leadership strengths, leaving them with elevated awareness and capacity to move beyond their “default” leadership style and have the freedom to lead powerfully in any circumstance.

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We help individuals contribute to long-term organizational growth.

Discover how we help you plan, implement, manage, and sustain.

Our Proven 5-Step Approach

Assess the current state

JMW assesses the pre-existing context and culture to uncover barriers to performance and transformation.

Define your purpose

Whether you create a new strategic purpose or refresh an existing one, aligning on a strategic expression of the organization’s common purpose is the foundation for shaping a new future.

Build your vision

Turn your purpose into a set of future strategic objectives, typically 3-5 years in the future.

Align on your plan

Work backward from the future vision fulfilled to design and commit to strategic milestones and “early wins,” leaving you with a detailed strategic plan.

Make it happen

JMW supports our clients in developing the leadership capabilities to implement the plan and build a high-performance culture to underpin it.

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