Elyse Maltin, PhD

Associate Consultant

Elyse Maltin

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Elyse Maltin plays an integral role in JMW client engagements across a range of industries, working with leaders and management teams on objectives critical to their businesses. Clients look to Elyse for expert support through one-on-one coaching, management team consultations, and facilitation of customized leadership programs such as JMW’s Shaping the Future™ program.

Elyse draws on a deep background in employee engagement and leadership development to help clients in sectors including oil and gas, retail, finance, mining, and energy infrastructure. She works alongside leaders and managers on challenges such as creating new strategic futures and the plans required to implement them, generating breakthrough improvements in productivity, producing paradigm shifts in leadership team alignment, and building high-performance cultures. In all instances, achieving these objectives also means a demonstrable impact on the organization’s bottom line.

Clients credit Elyse for her ability to help them identify blind spots, as well as unseen opportunities, and for her support in establishing the all-important starting point for moving forward to accomplish something new. Fittingly, her life’s academic, research, and professional pursuits have been devoted to empowering people to have a more meaningful and productive work experience, with a particular focus on the connection between employee commitment, well-being, and performance. She has co-authored publications on this topic.

As an example of Elyse’s work, after helping the leadership team of one energy infrastructure company to create and implement a new future, the organization grew from a $2bn market cap to almost $5bn. She also worked with the lead team at a power company to beat all their budget expectations two early.

Elyse earned a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, and holds a B.A. in Psychology from McGill University. She lives in Toronto and, outside of work, is a spoken word artist and practices yoga.