Harvey Dubin

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Harvey Dubin

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Have you ever met a person who could walk into a meeting, listen for a while, and then quietly offer an insight that makes you look at things in a new way leads you to better solutions and helps you thoroughly enjoy the process? That’s what it’s like to work with Harvey Dubin.

In just three years, he helped a JMW international oil company client go from a position of heavy debt, zero profitability and the highest operations/cost per barrel in the industry, to $1.5 billion in profits and an $8 per barrel drop in costs.

Harvey also helped one of his clients pioneer the concept of “alliancing” in the oil business, which is now the widely used industry model for developing marginal fields. By transforming the relationship and altering the culture of former adversaries, Harvey helped to form an alliance where all members operated as one organization, and shared the risks and rewards of developing the field. The results? First oil two months early, a 35% increase in production against plan, and a reduction in capital expenditure of more than $100 million.

In 1990, Harvey was named Managing Director of JMW (UK) Limited. Since his return to the States in 1998, Harvey serves as a Vice President and is accountable for the design and implementation of many of our consulting engagements. He has been instrumental in developing and leading JMW’s The Manager of the Future® program to more than 700 senior executives in the UK and Europe so that they could employ, implement and institutionalize breakthrough results in their organizations. Harvey is now working with clients in the US to customize education programs for their particular management needs.