Emerging Leaders™ Program

Foundations for Transformational Leadership

“This program changed my trajectory as a leader, and created a whole new possibility for my future. The program is not theoretical; it’s simple but effective tools to improve your leadership.”

~Senior Sales Manager
Overview of the nine-session program

Our latest leadership development program designed for early and mid-career professionals.

Regardless of where participants are in their careers, this program will be an empowering foray into their leadership development journey. Over the course of the program, participants will broaden the decisive impact they are able to make in their organizations by identifying the necessary actions to meet immediate and future goals.

Are you...

  • Responsible for implementing new or existing strategies?
  • Interested in an assessment of your key leadership attributes from key peers, managers, and direct reports?
  • An action learner who appreciates regular coaching and support to implement new tools and skills?
  • Busy and need actionable insights that can be applied immediately?
  • Wanting to take your career to the next level?

Program Roadmap

The core concepts and practices are presented over nine virtual sessions with JMW’s most senior facilitators.

Participants Will Acquire

  • JMW’s 360-Degree Leadership Assessment report which will highlight the development opportunities to focus on in the program and throughout the year.
  • The self-awareness and capacity for introspection required to become a good leader
  • A shift in mindset from that of individual contributor to that of people leader and strategic thinker
  • The ability to adapt their leadership style to meet specific organizational challenges
  • Essential skills and techniques to look at challenges from a different perspective, leaving them with more clarity and self-confidence to deal powerfully with difficult situations
  • Elevated capability to engage, persuade, and influence others, even those over whom they have little/no direct authority
  • Tools to communicate their vision in a way that truly inspires and motivates the people around them, including increasing team productivity and accountability
  • The experience of having expanded their network through collaboration with a cohort of like-minded leaders
If you are interested in finding out about having this program delivered in your company instead of participating in the open program, contact Jamie Tiska, jamiet@jmw.com

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Emerging Leaders™ Program Spring/Summer 2024 Cohort

Over the course of four months, Emerging Leaders™ is delivered via nine 3-hour Zoom sessions covering four core modules plus a completion session typically delivered every two weeks to allow for practical application of the program material.


Sessions run from 2:00–5:00 p.m. EST

Session 1: Monday, February 5
Session 2: Monday, February 26
Session 3: Monday, March 11
Session 4: Monday, March 25
Session 5: Monday, April 8
Session 6: Monday, April 22
Session 7: Monday, May 6
Session 8: Monday, May 13
Session 9: Monday, June 3