Meet Our Team

Dan Spiwack

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Spiwack is JMW’s CEO responsible for leading the design and implementation of the firm’s vision and strategy, empowering its highly skilled team of consultants and program leaders as they partner with organizations and individuals to deliver high-impact results and dramatic shifts in performance. Recently, Dan has brought particular focus on the more systemic challenges facing organizational leaders, and how JMW’s work contributes to creating comprehensive solutions to the “human systems” aspects of those challenges.

Dan came to his position after 25 years working as a Senior Consultant and Program Leader, partnering with top executives and leadership teams as they take on some of the largest and most complex challenges in the world of business. He continues to support executives with their most critical objectives, such as designing and implementing new corporate strategy, leading the transformation of both organizational performance and sustainable capability development, as well as delivering major projects ahead of expectations in the face of all challenges. Dan has supported the delivery of these key results in companies around the world, from the largest global firms to highly specialized regional and local companies.

Dan has helped shape the company’s Capital Programs practice, which has brought JMW’s leading-edge methodology to more than 75 major projects over the years to sectors including oil and gas, mining, and infrastructure. This practice continues to deliver an approach that supports capital project teams in defying the odds—delivering those projects at or ahead of targets for cost, schedule, and quality.

In addition, Dan provides leadership to the design of JMW’s portfolio of signature leadership development methodologies. He has a depth of experience in helping clients bring these principles and practices to life through the facilitation of large-scale leadership development efforts, consulting with senior teams, and one-on-one executive coaching. At the core of this work is a fundamental trust of Dan in his work alongside literally thousands of people in market-leading enterprises, with a particular focus on providing a powerful sounding board to C-Suite executives and Board leaders. Dan lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with his wife Penny. They are avid tennis players who also love to take walks together and catch up on movies and TV shows in their spare moments.