Meet Our Team

Harvey Dubin

Vice President

For more than 37 years, Harvey Dubin has been partnering with clients around the world. He has worked in the energy sector to develop new approaches to advance technologies and deliver new energy sources, and coached and advised Boards, CEOs, Managing Directors, company Presidents, and Leadership Teams in every industry. Harvey has a unique skill in uncovering the mindsets that limit individual and collective performance and in doing so, opens new ways of thinking and acting that lead to unbridled achievements.

Harvey continues to work with exceptional clients in the public and private sector. Given his depth of knowledge and broad global experience with complex issues facing corporations today, he provides the guidance and counsel that opens new thinking and fosters new actions. Because of the changing landscape of organizations and leadership styles today, Harvey has a keen interest in shaping and developing the future leaders of multinational corporations. He also leads developments programs for emerging leaders.

After completing a master’s degree in communication and organizational leadership, Harvey taught at the university and college level before entering the world of consulting. He makes his home in Florida with his family. Harvey holds his own on the golf course but is better suited for tennis.