Meet Our Team

Jamie Tiska

Corporate Marketing & Quality Communications Specialist

Jamie Tiska may have a stand-up comedienne sense of humor, but to her, maintaining JMW’s corporate branding is no laughing matter. Since joining JMW as a member of the Marketing Team in 2000, Jamie has been passionate about her commitment to perfection. Her keen attention to detail and dedication to client service are what led to her current role of Corporate Marketing and Quality Communications Specialist. Jamie was a recipient of the JMW Partners’ Award for Incomparable Service.

Jamie works closely with the Leadership Team and consulting staff. She focuses her time on corporate collateral creation and implementation, client-facing documents, supporting business development and sales endeavors, and assisting with special client projects. In addition, Jamie brings her infectious energy and eye for detail to JMW’s education programs, assisting with program materials, participant orientations, as well as serving as program manager for both virtual and
in-person programs.

Jamie graduated from Berkely Business College in New York. She is married with two grown children and a proud military parent. Outside of JMW, her interests are colorful and varied! Jamie enjoys treasure hunting for vintage accessories, creative writing, and baking. While she’s not exactly ready for a slot on The Great British Baking Show, she’s getting there. Having a son in the service has given her the perfect opportunity to hone her craft. Her care packages loaded with homemade treats have made her son quite popular at mail call!