Meet Our Team

Karen Jepp

Senior Consultant & Program Leader

As a Consultant and Program Leader with JMW Australia Pacific for over 14 years, Karen Jepp has worked with organisations from a range of industries including: Mining, Oil and Gas, Roads, Rail, Defence, Utilities (Water and Power), Loyalty companies and International Development. Karen has also supported a range of public and private sector bids and large-scale capital projects including the Ballina Bypass Alliance, the Hume Highway Alliance, SAFElink Alliance, the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance, Sugarloaf Pipeline, and the Argyle Underground project.

Karen’s primary focus, whether it be as a consultant making an intervention in predictable performance or as a program leader building leadership capability, is on impacting individuals, teams and organisations to realise a significant step change in performance. In both contexts, the particular perspective she operates from is enabling people to see something different or new that they hadn’t seen before that opens up different actions for them to take which produce the desired results.

Karen specialises in designing and leading JMW’s customised public and in-house leadership capability programs to impact performance. Each program is designed to be a match for the discreet challenges of an organisation, inside their current market conditions, focussed on their strategic imperatives, at any level of an organization. She has been instrumental in the design and delivery of JMW’s The Leader of the Future®, Leadership Performance and Results™ and Leader as Coach™ programs.