Meet Our Team

Maurice Cohen

Founder & Executive Consultant

For more than three decades, he has supported some of the world’s top leaders in organizations as they pursue new levels of results and performance in often complex and challenging circumstances. His work with clients in all parts of the world in a multitude of sectors is continually focused on and produces nothing less than transformational outcomes.

In his engagements with CEOs and other senior executives, Maurice is known for his straight-shooting style that poses the right questions at the right time, prompting ongoing opportunities for breakthroughs and new approaches to unprecedented achievements. He has a strong reputation for providing expert support for already highly accomplished individuals as they navigate their way to extraordinary new levels of accomplishments.

Maurice launched what would be a remarkable career in consulting unexpectedly, after 19 years as a salesman and a business owner. He entered the business world after enlisting in the U.S. Army at age 17 and serving as a medic on active duty and in the Army Reserves. Maurice began consulting after immersing himself in a series of personal training and development programs. He developed himself as a top facilitator of these programs, and with his success leading individuals in their personal development efforts, Maurice saw the possibility of applying the same focus and core principles to organizations. He then founded JMW, marking his own pivotal breakthrough and transformation with a commitment to helping others discover all that is possible for their futures.

Maurice is invited to coach top executives throughout the world. He also takes his talents to community work close to home: After a visit a number of years ago to his alma mater, Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn, NY, Maurice joined as a volunteer at Unlocking Futures Inc. (formerly Youth at Risk). He now serves on the organization’s Board of Directors and was honored as Humanitarian of the Year by Unlocking Futures Inc. and President Bill Clinton.