Meet Our Team

Sandra Addae

Project Analyst

Sandra Addae brings a diverse background of experience to her role at JMW. Having completed a BA in Journalism at the University of Creative Arts, Sandra spent the early years of her career working at CNN, Billboard Magazine, Sky News, and Drapers as a magazine and broadcast journalist. She went on to work with multiple media companies, including National Geography, UKTV, Discovery, Disney, Viasat, Media Trust, All Industry Marketing (“AIM”), Orbit, and Showtime.

Sandra is no stranger to holding leadership roles, having managed teams within the business development, marketing, and technology capacities. Sandra received an MBA from the University of Liverpool in 2008 where she discovered her passion for impacting performance through cross-cultural communication and organisational behaviour. Sandra eventually founded her own company where she focused on the of delivery education strategies in the working environment, allowing her to continue her development in coaching and science-based human performance interventions. Sandra has since received an MA in Executive Coaching and is continually a demonstration of her commitment to lifelong learning.

As a Project Analyst, Sandra is responsible for the integration of all engagement/program activities, seamless communications with clients and consulting staff, and the rigorous management of engagement milestones and indicators of targeted impact.

Sandra is an aspiring bodybuilder who enjoys cooking, reading, movies, and travelling. Sandra has lived in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates; she currently makes her home in London town.