Meet Our Team

Tracey Heyward-Petry

Senior Program Manager

Tracey Heyward-Petry is a Senior Program Manager at JMW. Her global accountability spans nearly two decades. Tracey plays a key role in the setup, delivery, and implementation of JMW’s leadership development programs with clients in both public and in-house engagements. Her support covers in-person and virtual programs.

Accountable for all aspects of JMW programs, Tracey brings an attention to detail and service which is unparalleled. She is responsible for document creation/control/management, sourcing venues, negotiating rates, managing budgets, program registration, client liaison, program orchestration including creating a team with venue personnel to ensure a quality experience for JMW clients. Tracey enjoys being the link that connects JMW programs with our clients. Her dedication and commitment is evident to all, particularly participants in the programs under Tracey’s management.

Prior to JMW, Tracey had a successful career in publishing. Upon discovering the work of JMW, Tracey was so inspired by people sharing the impact working with JMW had made on their business and personal lives, she decided there and then that she wanted to be part of the JMW team. During her career, she has participated in a wide variety of training programs undertaken either personally or through her employer.

Tracey makes her home in New Zealand where she focusses her time on the things she values most—family, friends, and community. She enjoys creating memorable moments for all and has created a number of large-scale events celebrating Friends For Life in the spirit of the power of friendship and community.