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We work with businesses to understand the precise nature of the challenges they face and design bespoke interventions to help them address those challenges. Our seamless approach empowers you to chart a new course for your team and/or organization while building leadership capability through real-time application and practice.

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Our Proven Five-Step Approach

Our tailored approach provides a comprehensive set of leadership principles and tools developed in a direct and practical way based on your organization’s challenges. Leadership capability is then built through real-time application and practice.

Assess the current state

JMW assesses the pre-existing context and culture to uncover barriers to performance and transformation.

Define your purpose

Whether you create a new strategic purpose or refresh an existing one, aligning on a strategic expression of the organization’s common purpose is the foundation for shaping a new future.

Build your vision

Turn your purpose into a set of future strategic objectives, typically 3-5 years in the future.

Align on your plan

Work backward from the future vision fulfilled to design and commit to strategic milestones and “early wins,” leaving you with a detailed strategic plan.

Make it happen

JMW supports our clients in developing the leadership capabilities to implement the plan and build a high-performance culture to underpin it.

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Organizational Programs

JMW’s team of consultants are experts at identifying current levels of organizational effectiveness to design bespoke interventions to help them address those challenges.

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Individual Programs

JMW strives to develop a leadership culture of accountability, commitment, and effective action at all levels of an organization with our tailored Individual Programs.

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Results We've Driven

$2B in Added Value

Participants in two in-house leadership development programs delivered $2B in value to their company as a result of working with JMW.

129% Growth in Company Value

One client increased their company value from $700 to $1.6B and was named #1 consumer-preferred energy brand in New Zealand.

70% Promoted to Senior Roles

One of our development programs saw 70% of participants be promoted to senior roles within two years of completing the program.

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