Capital Project Performance

Be the team that meets (or beats) schedule, quality, and cost targets.

Transform how people view the project, and you will transform project performance. The riskiest element of any major project is how the people are going to interact and work together. While other companies focus on technical design, project management processes, contracting and procurement strategies as the route to performance improvement, our approach to the human side of capital projects is the true accelerator to helping teams deliver ahead of schedule and under budget time and time again. We’ve supported over 100 major and mega capital projects across the globe at every project stage, from launch to recovery, by focusing on the most important issues that drive or stop progress on projects: the people issues.

Project Launch

  • Coming together for the first time in the early stages of project formulation
  • Beginning the work on a new project stage after successfully passing through a stage gate
  • Bringing together a leadership group to launch a joint venture or alliance

Project Acceleration

  • Moving toward objectives at a slower than desired pace and wanting to accelerate results
  • Observing progress slowing down on the project, putting schedule at risk (key milestones starting to “slip to the right”)
  • Looking to create a breakthrough in results beyond what was originally committed to for the project

Project Turnaround or Recovery

  • Behind schedule and/or over budget and recovery seems difficult or impossible;
  • Not delivering to spec or health/safety/environmental standards;
  • Repeatedly failing to make the progress it needs towards key future milestones; and
  • Facing relationship and communication problems that threaten timely delivery.
  • Owners and stakeholders of complex projects
  • Project managers
  • Key teams and working groups across the supply chain accountable for delivering on critical steps

We help project teams:

  • Identify and change the mindsets that may be limiting performance
  • Align on a shared purpose and vision for the project across the various groups making up the project team
  • Make real commitments to exceptional performance (i.e., scope deliverables, schedule, cost, quality, HSE)
  • Create a clarity of cascaded commitments, where team members at all levels see how their actions connect to the project’s priorities
  • Accelerate progress through more effective coordination and collaboration
  • Engage the key players and groups inside and outside the project team

As a result, teams go on to:

  • Overcome obstacles and setbacks that normally lead to cost overruns and schedule delays
  • Turn around underperforming projects
  • Build reliable delivery capability in very uncertain environments
  • Deliver on high risk/high reward lump sum contracts
  • Navigate and succeed with complex or sensitive stakeholder issues