The most powerful driver of an organization's purpose and performance is the people who lead it.

This key principle fuels our unapologetic focus on the human element in organizational and operational success, and our stance that the mindset and behavior of leaders, aligned across and within divisions, is the most powerful multiplier of impact. That impact is measured in the business outcomes we enable, and these outcomes are our obsession. Rightly so — they represent delivery on our clients’ most critical visions. And they can have effects that reach far beyond the original business goal: transforming industries, helping communities advance, and even accruing value on a global scale.

We are called to help Chief Executives realize ambitious organizational strategies by breaking down their toughest people challenges.


Our immersive approach to business transformation aligns to a single, core priority: transformative impact on performance. But it builds on multiple complementary principles and understandings: most importantly, that while systems and processes are essential tools, the people who use them make the difference. Our work aligns leadership teams in depth, empowers meaningful collaboration, and enables collective ownership of even the largest challenges.

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From bold cultural transformations to turnarounds of mega-scale projects, our case studies demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of our human-centric approach in driving breakthrough performance. Each case study here uncovers different ways in which we have helped leaders use cultural alignment and creative disruption to create business success.

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With a client portfolio including more than 700 enterprise companies across forty countries and five continents, we have extensive experience with CEOs, their C-suites, and their larger leadership teams — all of whom have trusted us to engage with their most complex, intractable challenges. In enabling these leaders and their teams to define, move toward, and achieve their objectives, we enable them to not only succeed against their current challenges, but also be ready for the next.

AboutOur Team

Here, we believe people are capable of extraordinary things. With decades of experience bringing out the best of leadership and executing complex business strategies, the JMW team brings deep experience, purposeful energy, and a range of complementary perspectives to every engagement.

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