Leadership Development

Lead like you mean it.

From large group programs to individual executive coaching, we demystify leadership so people from the C-Suite to the front lines can contribute more, collaborate better, and navigate challenges to stay on the path to high performance.

Whether they happen fully online or face-to-face, our programs utilize a blended learning approach, including live classroom and/or live virtual sessions, as well as other resources and learning methods (structured dialogues, group breakouts, peer coaching, leadership simulations, action learning projects, assignments, readings, videos, online learning center, etc.). This ensures that program participants get the most value possible out of the program by being exposed to different learning modalities while still maintaining cost efficiency.

  • The Leader of the Future® program is best suited for executives and senior-level managers who are key to the future of their organizations. This includes those already accountable for generating new levels of performance and results, as well as candidates for the next generation of senior leadership.
  • The Emerging Leaders™ program is designed for early and mid-career professionals and provides the foundations required for transformational leadership.

JMW’s high-performance coaching service equips leaders at all levels with new perspectives, approaches, and skills that significantly increase their day-to-day performance. Whatever your goals, JMW will customize an individual coaching program that will both address your real-time issues and have a lasting impact on your overall effectiveness.