Enhancing Organizational Performance: Providing tailored solutions to drive change

According to Credit Suisse

65% of project delays or missed targets are due to gaps in softer skills such as people, organization, and governance.

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High-Performance Projects

We help major capital projects reliably deliver on – and even beat – schedule, cost, and quality targets. And, we have almost 40 years of experience helping more than 75 major capital projects in a range of sectors – including oil and gas, mining, and economic infrastructure – do just that.

Our Approach to Project Success

  1. Assess mindsets: We assess the current landscape to gain an understanding of what existing mindsets may be helping or inhibiting project performance.
  2. Align on a unifying vision: From the bid phase to the turnaround of flagging projects, JMW helps project team members align on a unifying vision for moving forward, creating greater buy-in and a more inclusive team.
  3. Mobilize toward real commitments: Having established a shared vision and sense of ownership, we support project teams in making real commitments to exceptional performance and support progress acceleration through more effective coordination and collaboration.
  4. Intervene in roadblocks: As the project progresses, we work with our clients to identify key obstacles and develop innovative, collaborative interventions.

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Organizational Assessments

Our organizational performance assessments uncover the often hidden mindsets that are unknowingly shaping action and hindering forward momentum. Getting at what people “really think” – of leadership, the organization’s strategy and future prospects and how they fit into that (or don’t), how the past is impacting current actions, and how senior management’s messages are being received – allows leaders to really see the inarguable link between people’s attitudes, organizational performance, and readiness for change.

Our Approach to Organizational Assessments

  1. Identify existing attitudes: Through confidential one-on-one interviews, we uncover the common themes among existing attitudes and mindsets that are holding the organization back.
  2. Build consensus: By building consensus regarding organizational and leadership issues hindering performance, we help restore confidence to confront the issues that matter.
  3. Make recommendations for the future: We provide custom-tailored recommendations for intervention in critical issues. As the assessment brings sensitive issues to the table, JMW provides bespoke interventions for how to establish new norms aimed at improving future performance.
  4. Provide bespoke support: If clients choose to work with us following an assessment, JMW assists our clients in implementing recommendations to drive a new culture of accountability and performance in the organization.

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Our Capabilities

Team Performance

JMW has almost 40 years of experience helping to create high-performing teams and realigning individual agendas in service of a larger organizational purpose. True alignment, collaborative action, and exceptional results are built on a foundation of clarity around what is of fundamental importance to the organization and to the team—a common purpose.

Our Approach to Maximizing Team Performance

  1. Ask why: We help foster true alignment and effective action by building a foundation of clarity around a common purpose that fulfills what is fundamentally important to the individual members, the team, and the organization.
  2. Foster accountability and collaboration: Through our work sessions with clients, we foster a culture of accountability, collaboration, and high performance.
  3. Mobilize around values and purpose: Our development and alignment services help mobilize teams into targeted actions that unquestionably fulfill the purpose and values.
  4. Develop new ways of working: In order to support continued high performance, we work with our clients to create, commit to, and put into action new ways of working that support an open environment and constructive dialogue.

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Our Capabilities

Mergers, Partnering & Collaboration

JMW has almost 40 years of experience partnering with strategic alliances to tackle complex, high-stakes projects and collaborate to deliver amazing results. We’ve seen organizations who had never worked together before come together on a risky, top-dollar project and deliver award-winning performance. In our experience, what brings people together in a successful partnership or collaboration is a shared commitment to a larger possibility—an achievement never done before.

Our Approach to Successful Mergers, Partnering, & Collaboration

  1. Assess current mindsets: Before cultures and strategies can be integrated, it’s critical to reveal the current mindsets in each of the organizations involved that may hinder progress.
  2. Align around a common vision: We work with leaders to create and align around a common vision that represents a “win-win” for all parties involved, then support leaders to own the whole of the vision and be accountable for collaborating for success.
  3. Galvanize engagement and action: Having created a new common purpose and vision, we support leaders to engage others in their organizations to find themselves in that and take action toward fulfillment.
  4. Build a culture of collaboration: Aligning on a common vision is one thing; creating and implementing a culture of openness, collaboration, and true partnership is another. We support teams in developing the necessary culture to ensure success.

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Our Capabilities

We help make organizational transformation attainable.

Discover how we help you plan, implement, manage, and sustain.

Our Proven 5-Step Approach

Assess the current state

JMW assesses the pre-existing context and culture to uncover barriers to performance and transformation.

Define your purpose

Whether you create a new strategic purpose or refresh an existing one, aligning on a strategic expression of the organization’s common purpose is the foundation for shaping a new future.

Build your vision

Turn your purpose into a set of future strategic objectives, typically 3-5 years in the future.

Align on your plan

Work backward from the future vision fulfilled to design and commit to strategic milestones and “early wins,” leaving you with a detailed strategic plan.

Make it happen

JMW supports our clients in developing the leadership capabilities to implement the plan and build a high-performance culture to underpin it.

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